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Recent roles

Co-op Board Member, UNTITLED RONNY CHIENG PILOT -- Hulu, Greg Mottola,

Barbi, "Sin Fondo" - Short Horror Film, Ripple Effect/kitchemistry

Co-Star, BULL - CBS, Episode 417 (2020)

Producer/Stand-up Comic - PING PONG ROOM LIVE, NYC

Stand-up Comic - YOU HAD TO BE THERE, Los Angeles

Mom (Voice), Facebook F8 Global Event Film (2019)  SEE BELOW

Angie, "Whine O'Clock" - Figjam Productions (2019)

Gatherer, "Let's Have A Seance" - HERE Arts Theater (2019)

Mom, Audible Spot - Amazon Productions (2019)

Max Doctor, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK - Netflix (2018)


Sin Fondo (2022)
Directed by Victor Gallo
Starring Manuel Masalva, Laura Carmine and Gina Jarrin

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