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Gina Jarrin

Stats:  5'3"   115 lbs   Hair: Salt & Pepper  Eyes: Brown, Multi-Ethnic

Graduate of The University of Southern California
Location:  New York, NY / Atlanta, GA
Willing to travel

Languages:  English, Spanish, some French and Italian

Skills:  Stand-Up Comic, TelePrompter Reading, Improvisation, Kickboxing, Writer


I'm an actor, comedian, writer, producer, and mother of two brilliant young women. I was once a PR executive, but 12 years ago, I happily threw myself completely into my true calling and passion: acting. I'm fluent in Spanish -- as children we spoke both English and Spanish at home -- and I have lived in various countries. Growing up in some of the world's most vibrant and artistic cities has definitely had a positive effect on my life, as well as my approach to acting. Studying journalism at the University of Southern California, my favorite professor, the great author and reporter, Clancy Sigal, taught us that listening to other people's conversation is not rude, it's essential. "Always listen to people, whether they're talking to you or not," he said. "If you're in a restaurant, listen to the conversation at the next table, you'll be amazed at what you hear and what you might need to take away. It's not eavesdropping; it's called being a JOURNALIST!" It's also called being an actor. When I’m not listening to the conversation at a neighboring table, I’m a screenwriter with my husband Andy Keir. Our first feature screenplay, COMMON PRAYER -- adapted from Joan Didion’s novel A Book of Common Prayer -- will go into production later this year, and our scripts for two television pilots are also in development. Via our company, Figjam Films we produce a comedy show, "The Ping Pong Room Live," that has consistently sold out at legendary NYC venues like The Duplex. 

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